My experience at the Toms River DMV

I’m going to keep this short and sweet. Please go to another DMV like the Freehold or Manahawkin location. Toms River is swamped today, especially after the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

Don’t get me wrong, everybody’s nice here. It’s just the seating area isn’t that big so you have a bunch of people waiting while standing, which definitely doesn’t add to the overall amount of patience in the room. God bless the people that work here and really anyone that deals with the public all day.

Hello world!

Hello world. I created this WordPress site for me and my family to mess around with. Initially, we could only view the site when we were at the house connected to WiFi. That’s because it was only possible to see it when browsing over our Local Area Network. But now I have a new web server set up on my Raspberry Pi 3. This allows us to broadcast our site to the entire internet, pretty cool if you ask me! Cheers to a great Mother of All Summers 2017 🎇🎆📆📅